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SHINee's Sherlock Mystery - Prologue

Title: SHINee's Sherlock Mystery
Pairings: Jongkey, Yunjae, Yoosu, 2min
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Horror, SMUT
Genre: Horror, smut, drama, highschool, comedy( little bit)
Summary: Everyone wants to be a singer, dancer, actor, or just a plain entertainer! And everyone knows that the Performing Arts School in Seoul, is just the place to go achieve that dream! Every singing group go to that school to get even more famous then they are now.(In this fic, the bands are just debuting and want to be even more known to the world)
SHINee just finished making a music video for their new song Sherlock when they just got a message from their manager saying that they got into the Performing Arts School in Seoul! And so did the other members of upcoming groups such as, DBSK, Super Junior and others.There's just one catch. They don't know the REAL history behind the school. Sure, everyone knows that once you graduate, you become instantly famous, but that's just one part. Let's just hope that they know what coming, and what the REAL story is within the school's walls.


The Rising Sun Academy of Arts were performing on stage. The reason, was for The Classical Music Festival and Competition. More of a competition between snobby schools than a festival. Once they finished their piece, everyone was told to sit down in the audience once they finished putting away all of their instruments.

"Hara! You done yet?! Let's go sit down! I want to sit in the front row and distract the next performers, so they will mess up!" Hara looked up after putting her violin away. She saw one of her friends, standing at the door, losing patience.

"Yeah, I just finished, but I need to go to the bathroom first, so I'll just meet you at the Concert Hall once I'm done." Hara explained.

"Fine~" Her friend said, rolling her eyes and walking toward the Concert Hall.

The bathroom wasn't that far from the Concert Hall, so she could be able to hear the next school perform. She pushed the bathroom door open. She was surprised at how bad the condition of the bathroom was. One would think that a bathroom in one of the most prestigious school's in Seoul would be more cleaner. The bathroom was very creepy if you were by yourself.

"OMO!" She gasped, as she saw the room's condition. She covered her nose at a horrible smell, most likely coming from one of the toilets.

There were three sinks and three stalls, and only one light bulb. The two sinks were separated from the other sink by a busted and dented metal wall. The third sink was specially designed for the disabled students in wheelchairs. She could tell by the height of the sink, which was lower than the other two. The three stalls were also separated. The two normal stalls were on one side of the room, while the bigger stall was on the other side.The light bulb was right above the biggest stall, lighting up that part of the room and making the other parts dimmer. She knew for certain that the bigger stall was for the disabled students due to the railings on the side and the chair next to the toilet. She walked into one of the regular stalls and closed the door. It was filthy. The sides of the stall were covered in writing. She could barely make them out, due to the poor lighting. Most of the ones she could make out were curse words. But one of the writings stood out the most. It was carved into the back of the stall door.  She read,

"Whoever reads this is warned......GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! TH--"

The rest of the message wasn't completed. "Maybe the person was caught by a teacher for writing on school property." She shrugged. She then used the toilet. Once she was done, she opened the stall door and stepped out, walking to the sinks. She walked up to the sink next to the metal wall that separated her from the lower sink. She turned the knob, noticing the grime and rust on the metal handles. As she was washing her hands, she looked up to the mirror in front of her. It was so fogged up and blurry, that she could just barely make out her face.

"HARA!!!!!! Hurry up in here!" Hara jumped in shock at her friend's action. She turned around and saw her impatient friend holding the door open and glaring at her.

"I'm almost done, don't worry. I'm just washing my hands." Hara smiled, and lifted up her hands, covered in bubbles.

"Well hurry it up then! They are about to announce which school got first place!" Her friend smiled before leaving, making the heavy door slam behind her.

" I hope our school wins." Hara hoped, fingers crossed.

"Everyone please quiet down! We are about to announce the winners!~" She heard from the outside.

"Please please please let our school win." She kept saying to herself. She was about to leave, but then decided to check herself in the mirror first. To make sure that if they win, she would look presentable. As she was checking her hair, she thought she saw someone behind her through the glass.

"What?!" She screamed, as she immediately turned around.But there was no one there. She shook off the creepy feeling, knowing that the mirror was foggy anyways, so it could have just been her imagination. But she didn't want to end up like those girls in the movies, who thinks it's nothing then end up dying. So she made sure to check the room. She checked the stalls and every inch of the bathroom. Nothing and no one was there. She took out her lipstick from her pocket and started to put it on.

"The winner --" She just the figure again in the mirror. It looked like it was in the corner of the bathroom. Staring at her. She leaned in closer to the mirror. Trying to see the figure, not wanting to look behind her. She was too scared to turn around.

"Of the Classical Music Festival Is....." The figure now appeared right behind her.She dropped her lipstick and was about to scream. She opened her mouth but before she knew it, a hand was over it! She tried to scream, but it was muffled. She started to cry. She kicked all she could. She kicked the sinks, cried and screamed, as the figure pulled her away. She saw her own self in the mirror, with the blurry figure behind her.

" The Rising Sun Academy of Arts!"

She was finally able to free her mouth and let out a scream.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" The people in the audience heard, then started to scream, whistle and cheer.

The audience cheered for the winners. Hara cried as she knew no one would be able to save her. She took her last breath. And everything turned black.........


A/N - This is my first SHINee fic as the main characters. But don't worry guys! DBSK is also in here, along with other kpop groups!^^ Like Super Junior and SNSD!XD

So please tell me what you think of this fic so far and if you like it!^^

Oh! And this was just to show you guys what happens at this school...........SHINee will be in the next chapter! Don't worry!XD

This was orginally posted on March 19, 2012 in private but I decided to make it visible now^^


( 2 made min happy — give minnie food? )
Feb. 23rd, 2014 11:22 pm (UTC)

Give me the rest!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

I still want the rest of Pranks War but OMG this fic is perfect to make me wait!!! lol I'm already fangirling about this eheh

but pleaseeeeeee make sure you put lots of Yoosu couple ...I'm begginggggggggg youuuuuuuuuuu
Feb. 24th, 2014 04:46 am (UTC)
Really?!:D its that good? Haha thank u!^^ i wrote this about two years ago^^ but thought about discontinuing it since i didnt have the notes but then i found them^^ so i am thinking about continuing again:)
( 2 made min happy — give minnie food? )


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