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[FIC] I Fucked A Vampire - Chapter 3

Title: I Fucked A Vampire
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu, Kyumin, many many more
Ratings: PG-13/ NC-17
Warnings: SMUT!
Genre: Angst, SMUT, Supernatural, High School, Romance
Summary: Kim JaeJoong, a full-blooded Vampire, who attacks people and drinks their blood for fun and pleasure. His devilish looks bribe people, luring them into his little trap. He is the son of the most powerful vampire in the Rising Sun World. So when he enters Mirotic High, he starts to grab his victims.
Jung Yunho, a vampire slayer, is the mysterious kid in school . In his life, love is nothing. Love is just a stupid game that people run after for no reason. He doesn't seem to care about life, knowing that one day it will end. His job is to kill vampires who don't belong in the human world.He hated vampires. He hated how they kill humans, and drink thier blood just for their own leisure.
BTDS, the Before The Dawn Slayers,is the biggest Vampire Slaying Group on Earth, takes down all Vampires, stopping them from taking over the world. The Leader of the group, is Yunho's father. The group has a competition that decides who would be the next leader of the group once the previous leader dies. The slayer who kills the most vampires until the leader dies, wins courage and leadership.

Chapter 3

Yunho ran as fast as he could into the forest. He was late, he was damn late.  He cursed as he ran towards the big, tall building. He ran inside, ran down the corridor until he reached to his designated room. He opened the door making a huge commotion. All eyes were on him. He panted as he bowed at the people. His father who was sitting in the middle of the long table.

You are late!” His father said coldly. Yunho bit his bottom lip. He sat down at his seat next to YooChun who was trying to hold onto his laugh. Yunho shot him a glare, telling him to shut up. But he just kept smiling and giggling.

What?!” JaeJoong yelled at the top of his lungs. The leader backed away from JaeJoong's answer.

JaeJoong, this is not an option, its a command.” The leader said crossing his arms. JaeJoong panted heavily in anger.

I can't go to that school! There are vampire slayers there!”

Exactly!” He said pointing a finger at JaeJoong. “You see JaeJoong, you have a really soft scent. It's hard for slayers to sense you. So it's not really a good chance of them sensing that you're a vampire.” The leader said nodding.

JaeJoong squinted his eyes and let his jaw hang open. “They can still smell my scent. I should know. I fucked one.” His eyes shifted.

The leader then narrowed his brows and pinged the bridge of his nose. “Oh my satan... JaeJoong, how many times have I told you? No fucking with people who are willing to kill you!” The leader said in an angry tone.

JaeJoong just rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Well, tell me one time when I've been killed? Huh? Gosh, all those 'slayers' were hypnotised by my dashingly handsome looks.” JaeJoong said as he flicked his hair.

The leader just rubbed his temples. “I still wonder how you got into the vampire group in the first place. But any who, I'm still sending you to that school whether you like it or not.”

JaeJoong grunted and groaned in annoyance. “Fuck you...” He muttered.

What was that Kim JaeJoong?” He asked, pretending not to know what JaeJoong just said, lifting his brows.

N-Nothing Sir...” JaeJoong lowered his head. The leader nodded and walked off. JaeJoong made sure that his leader was gone, so that he could curse himself that he was going to a school full of vampires. “Aish, everyone there is horny. So why am I so upset about it?” JaeJoong smirked at the thought. “I can use my looks to hypnotise them, then I can suck them"

Jaejoong looked to his right and saw a child vampire staring at him with an awkard look.

"Suck as in suck their blood..... ” Jaejoong tried to explain.

"Sure Jaejoong-shi, but everyone knows that you sleep with everybody so I don't think you just mean sucking their blood." The kid smirked before walking away.

"Well.....that too. Wow! That kid is smart for his age! And I mean I really do like to suck people." He smirked yet again, but his smirk immediately faded when he thought of something.

"Ewww! EXCEPT for girls! They just really turn me off." Jaejoong shivered, before walking out of the room.

Everyone walked out of the room, leaving Yunho and his father. Yunho tried not to make eye contact with his father. His father coughed to grab his attention. “Yunho, if you keep on missing out on these meetings, you're not going to be called 'the best'.” His father said in a calm tone.

Yunho sighed. “Well, it's not my fault that I...” Yunho tried to find his words to finish his sentence.

That you...?” His father reminded him.

I don't know! I just...”

Tell you what, I have something to show you.” He said to Yunho as he grabbed a thick folder filled with files.

Yunho made a confused look on his face. “This is...?” He asked as he held placed his hand on top of the folder.

These are profile of people who died within this area in the last 2 weeks.” He said as Yunho opened the folder to reveal someone's profile. “These profiles include their name, their age, date of death, method of dead, family, occupations, everything.”

Yunho nodded as he flipped through the other ones. “Why is there so much?” He asked. He had never seen so many deaths in such a short time.

Yunho, I want you to have a look at the method of death for each of them.”

Yunho looked at the first profile. 'Vampire bite on the left side of the neck and slitted throat.' He took the next person's profile. 'Vampire bite on the left side of the neck and slitted throat.' He narrowed his brows and had a look at the next one. 'Vampire bite on the left side of the neck.'.

Impossible...” He gasped. He looked at a few others. The same thing. “How can this be? In 2 weeks, this one vampire can kill 120 people!” He said in a loud tone.

Yunho, we don't know who or what this thing is, and plus, it could be a whole group of vampires. We need to find out about it and kill it... or them.” He said.

Yunho nodded. “I'll try and find out more about this attack.

JaeJoong sat on the tree branch in the local park. It was early in the morning, but the sun was not exposed yet. JaeJoong eyed the victim carefully, watching their every move. The victim then stopped, right under JaeJoong's tree. JaeJoong smirked as he eyed his delicious meal. Just as JaeJoong was about to jump on top of his victim, he heard someone something.

JaeJoong!” Someone whisperd. JaeJoong cursed the voice. He turned around and saw Junsu sitting on the tree branch beside him. “It's nearly time. We need to go back or leader-hyung will kill us.” He whispered. JaeJoong looked at his watch that was on his left wrist. He gasped. He didn't know it took him three hours to find his early breakfast. Now he had to go back home with a growling stomach.

JaeJoong and Junsu jumped off the tree on the other side and ran through the park as they entered the forest. They ran as fast as they could back to their home. They ran through the forest, but the tree branches made it difficult for them to manoeuvre smoothly through the forest. “Yah! Quick! Before leader-hyung finds out that we've been out again!” JaeJoong warned him as they ran across the bridge that was over the river of blood. They both jumped up at an amazing height and landed on their balcony, just in front Jaejoong's room. JaeJoong and Junsu sighed in relief.

JaeJoong then realised that he locked the balcony door when he left, leaving the key inside the room. JaeJoong cursed himself as Junsu gave a frustrated look. “Damn it hyung!” He said in annoyance.

JaeJoong just gulped as he saw the leader, in his room, holding the key in his hands. He was looking at them through the glass door. He walked up to the door and opened it. “You two have explaining to do.” The leader said, pointing his fingers at them.

JaeJoong and Junsu lowered their heads. This was like what? Their 7th time out this week?

Minutes later...

... And you didn't listen to me.” The leader said. He sat down with Junsu and JaeJoong on the other side. “It's very dangerous now. The vampire slayers in that area are increasing fast. If you go there early in the morning, that's the biggest risk for you two. Especially when you two are very young.”

JaeJoong and Junsu rolled their eyes in unison. The leader has said that so many times, but yet, it has never happened before. JaeJoong and Junsu haven't been hurt ever. Although, they nearly got shot by a drunk slayer who was later sucked, fucked and killed by JaeJoong. “It has never happened before.” They both said in unison.

The point is there are more vampire slayers than ever. The numbers are increasing incredibly fast.” Leader Hyung sighed. “We now have to use limits....... You are only allowed to go and hunt for forty-eight hours every two weeks.” Junsu and Jaejoong opened their mouths to protest, but were haulted by their leader, when he raised his hand to stop them from saying anything, and continued to talk.

"I know that this may be a challenge. It will make the vampires weak, but maybe that will teach you guys not to go out all the time without telling someone first!" The leader yelled. " But leader Hyung! If we're weak, how will we fight the vampire slayers when the time comes?!" Junsu protested. " Don't worry. This is only going to be for a while. Just until the vampire slayers in the area stop suspecting us being here. As long as we do this, we shouldn't have any problem dealing with the slayers. Got that both of you?! This is both of your faults in the first place! You both better follow this! Or else i'm going to have to banish both of you." The leader said with a stern face. He was dead serious.

JaeJoong and Junsu rolled their eyes again in unison. “Yeah Yeah whatever.” They said as they got up and walked off. Not caring about anything.

And you two start school tomorrow. No excuses.” The leader said ending it with a smirk.

JaeJoong and Junsu froze in their places. “Fuck.” They both thought.

Hmm... going to a school where you're the prey and the majority of them are vampire slayers.

Ironic, isn't it.


A/N - Happy Yunjae Day!!!!!XD trending on twitter and facebook! So i had to post a new chapter!^^ This fic was made with Amiev_94 two years ago i think? But she stopped writing Yunjae:( so now I will continue this fic alone probably:( but i will probably update it when i am done updating a back talker's secret or when im almost done with that fic, so that i dont get the plots mixed up^^ Comment please and add me?:D Share my journal around too!:D Thanks you guys! Love my readers!!! I want to talk with you guys more so remember to comment or send me a message:D Thanks for reading and enjoy~


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Yay! This is back! :O :D

Feb. 5th, 2014 09:05 pm (UTC)
hehehe^^ I really like the plot of this fic and really want to continue it but i want to work more on a back talkers secret first so that i can get that fic out of the way then concentrate on this and others:)
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