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April Fools - Part 1

Title: April Fools
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu
Ratings: PG -13
Warnings: Language
Genre: Comedy
Summary: When the prank backfires...

Part 1

Jaejoong was hastily getting ready for his late notice date with Yunho, searching through his closet for his favorite low v neck shirt, knowing it would help lead to something special tonight.

“What was he thinking telling me to get ready in five minutes?! How the heck is that possible? It takes me at least half an hour! Does he think I just wake up looking this amaz-.... Well I mean I do look amazing naturally but-” Jaejoong corrected himself with a coy smile.

He shook the thoughts away, knowing that he only had a few minutes to get ready before Yunho would show up.

*Five minutes ago*

Ring ring~

Jaejoong groaned as he was awakened from his deep slumber. Without opening his eyes, Jaejoong reached his hand out from beneath the cover of his warm blanket and attempted to grab his phone. He groaned when he couldn't feel it and reached further. He inched his body closer to the edge to try to see if the phone was a farther distance but as he did, he fell over side and landed on the floor.

“Shit!” Jaejoong cursed, trying to untangle himself from the mass of sheets.

Ring ring~

“Why can't I get out? Agh!! It's like a spider web!” Jaejoong groaned.

Ring ring~

“Shut up! I’m coming!” Jaejoong shouted in frustration. He reached his free hand out to the desk and grabbed the phone, flipping it open. "What?!"

"Woah, boo, you okay? Why are you yelling?” As soon as Jaejoong recognised the voice of his lover, he turned around to see that he wasn’t in bed.

"Because you woke me up from my beauty sleep! I was having a good dream until you called,” Jaejoong complained as he rubbed his tired eyes. “And where are you? Why are you up so early?"

"I was just making sure all the plans I made are set, but I guess you wouldn't be in the mood for what I have in store for you today since you’re still tired, but don't worry, I'll just cancel it and you can go back to slee-"

"No!..." Jaejoong answered immediately. Not wanting to sound desperate he continued. "I mean... I'm okay. What... what do you have in mind?"

Jaejoong could hear the smirk in Yunho’s voice. "Get ready. I'll pick you up in five minutes. I'm almost home," the younger said before hanging up.

"What?! Yunho! I--" Jaejoong cut himself off when he heard Yunho hang up.

"Gahh!!" Jaejoong threw the phone onto the bed. "I have to get ready!" Jaejoong panicked.

*Flashback end*

“Where the heck is it?” Jaejoong threw shirt after shirt behind him, causing them to pile up all over the floor of his bedroom. “Ah hah!” Jaejoong exclaimed as he held up the grey v-neck shirt .

Ding dong~

Jaejoong’s body jerked, putting his hand over his heart on instinct to collect himself after the sudden noise.

“Coming!” Jaejoong yelled as he hurriedly put on his shirt and ran for the door, not before tripping on one of the piles of shirts first.

“Ahh!” Jaejoong once again made contact with the hard floor for the second time that day.

Ding dong~

“I’ll be right there!” Jaejoong stumbled on his way to the door, quickly opening it and running straight back to his room without looking at who was entering.

Yunho chuckled at his lover's behavior. "No good morning hug and kiss?" He walked to the other's room with hands outstretched, but before he could enter the room, Jaejoong slammed the door shut, barely missing Yunho's fingers as he pulled them back at the last second.

"Don’t come in! I'm not ready!" Jaejoong shouted from the other side of the door.

"Boojae, I dont care how you look. I’ve seen you naked before and I think I like that better than any fancy outfit." Yunho smirked, taking a spare key from his pocket and unlocking the door.

"Yeah but I always look good on our dates! Always! And I’m not going to break that streak. I also have a reputation for always looking good and I'm not going to ruin that," Jaejoong yelled loudly, thinking Yunho was still on the other side of the door. He jerked in shock when Yunho hugged him from behind.

"You already look good. Why can’t you just go with what you're wearing?" Yunho complimented, watching the other pull away.

"How did you?... Whatever..” Jaejoong shook off the thought. “And I don't know if you've noticed, but I’m not wearing any pants."

"And I like what I see." Yunho smirked.

"If you want to see me naked so much, then why don't we just spend the day in the bedroom instead?” Jaejoong purred as he turned around and wrapped his arms around Yunho’s neck, gazing lustfully into his eyes before slowly kissing up his jawline.

Yunho fought hard with himself to push Jaejoong off rather than throwing him on the bed and taking him then and there. "No, I already made plans for our special date." Yunho pulled away with his hands on Jaejoong’s shoulders, keeping them at arm’s length away.

"What’s so special about it?" Jaejoong’s shoulders slumped as he pouted.

“You'll see tonight." Yunho winked and sat on the bed behind him.

“Whatever.” Jaejoong went back to going through his closet, trying hard to ignore Yunho for refusing him earlier.

After about ten minutes he still wasn’t set on the perfect outfit. Yunho was getting impatient. Jaejoong didn't even turn around from what he was doing. Yunho pouted, sitting on the edge of Jaejoong's bed, arms stretched out behind him to hold himself up. Even though he couldn't see Jaejoong's face, he could still enjoy the view of his behind, so he wasn't complaining. Yunho smirked, tilting his head to get a better view.

Jaejoong could feel the other undressing him with his eyes, sending a shiver down his spine. He quickly turned around and threw a shirt at Yunho's face. "Pervert!"

Yunho laughed. "Like you wouldn't want any of this." Yunho motioned his hand up and down his body.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes and tried to hold back a laugh. "Whatever. You refused me earlier so I’m content right now," he mumbled and went back to looking through his closet for the rest of his outfit.

"What's taking so long?" Yunho whined, falling back onto the bed.

"Well you didn't exactly give me enough time to get ready pabo." Jaejoong explained as he examined a pair of bedazzled jeans.

"Mianhae~ I was just so excited to see you," Yunho said with a baby voice and a puppy dog pout, looking at his lover struggling to get his pants on.

"Ok done!" Jaejoong said as he clapped his hands.

"Let’s go!" Yunho jumped up from the bed and followed behind Jaejoong, pushing him out the door.

"So where are we going first?" Jaejoong asked as he watched his lover lock the door to their house, before turning around and heading for the car, giving Yunho enough time to put a spare key under the mat without him noticing.

"You'll see." Yunho smirked as he followed behind.


Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin were hiding behind the bushes, waiting a few seconds after their car drove away.

“Ok, let’s go.” Yoochun walked out of the bushes after scanning the surroundings to make sure it was clear. Once Yoochun got to the front door, he checked under the mat where Yunho said he would hide the key for them. He opened the door and motioned for the other two to follow him inside, holding the door open for Junsu and Changmin since they were carrying a duffle bag.

They went straight to the dining room first. Junsu and Changmin happily dumped the bag onto the floor before opening it. They pulled out a red table cloth and placed it on the dining table. Next Yoochun took out an elegant glass vase wrapped in bubble wrap and placed it on the center. Changmin went over to the kitchen and opened the cabinets to get the plates. He picked two of the fanciest plates he could find and placed both of them onto the table across from each other. Yoochun went out to the car to get the roses to put in the vase while Changmin and Junsu headed upstairs with the rest of what was in the duffle bag.

They walked into Jaejoong and Yunho’s shared bedroom and grabbed the bed sheets, messing it up. Changmin took out women’s perfume from the bag and sprayed half of it onto the sheets, not forgetting to spray it on the pillows and some of Yunho’s clothes. Next, Changmin took out a woman’s red thong and placed it messily on the edge of the bed. He then took a matching bra and threw it on the floor.

Yoochun came upstairs after putting the flowers in the vase and examined their work. He reached into his pocket and took out a small recording player and placed it under the bed.

“It’s still missing something...” Yoochun added as he looked over the room. Junsu’s face lit up in recollection then went into the top drawer of one of the dresser and took out a pair of Yunho’s boxers before throwing it on the floor too.

“How did you know where his underwear was?...Junsu! Are you cheating on me?!” Yoochun gasped.

Junsu rolled his eyes as he hit his lover on the head. “Pabo! I’m not cheating on you! We come here all the time and I’m usually in the same room as Jaejoong when he gets dressed since I’m the only one he trusts with fashion choices.”

“*cough* Bottom* cough*” Changmin interjected, making Junsu’s mouth drop open in offense.

“I can so be a top!” Junsu told Changmin before turning to Yoochun for approval. “Chunnie, I can be a top right?” he asked with puppy dog eyes and a cute pout.

Yoochun eyes widened for a second before looking anywhere else. He cleared his throat. “No time to talk about this right now...we have to finish before they get back,”  he stated before heading downstairs.

“Bottom,” Changmin whispered as he passed Junsu to get out of the room. Junsu pouted with arms crossed. “I can be a top,” Junsu muttered to himself before following the others.


The car ride to the surprise place was silent, besides the constant vibration of Yunho’s cell phone.

“You’re not going to get that?” Jaejoong asked as he eyed the phone.

“No boo, I’m driving. I don’t want us to get into an accident.”

“Then I’ll get it for you," Jaejoong stated as he reached for Yunho’s phone on the dashboard.

“No!” Yunho panicked as he immediately slapped Jaejoong’s hand away and threw the phone to the back seat.

“What the heck Yunho?” Jaejoong pulled his hand back immediately and covered it with his other hand to protect it from a followup attack.

“Uh...sorry Jae...um..” Yunho stuttered as he tried frantically to think of an explanation. “I just… Don't want any distractions while I'm driving! Yeah! And I’m sure whatever it is, it can wait,” Yunho lied as sweat starting to form on his forehead, unsure if Jaejoong was going to believe him. He immediately reached for the AC to turn it on. “Whew, its getting hot in here.” Yunho looked away from Jaejoong nervously. ‘That was close! I hope he doesn’t suspect anything.’

Jaejoong sent a suspicious glare towards Yunho. ‘What is he hiding?’ he thought, but that thought was soon forgotten as soon as he saw the object in front of him.

Once Jaejoong saw the ferris wheel, he knew exactly where they were.

"The amusement park?!" Jaejoong screamed excitedly, almost jumping out of his seat but was immediately jerked back by the seat belt.

Yunho chuckled at his lover’s reaction. He parked the car and got out first, running over to open Jaejoong’s door.

“Ohh~ Such a gentleman,” Jaejoong cooed as he got out of the car before placing a kiss on Yunho’s cheek.

“Only for you.” Yunho smiled as he closed the door. When he saw Jaejoong walking ahead, he went to the back seat and quickly grabbed his phone before following.


The pair ventured further into the fairgrounds, swinging their joined hands with one arm and munching on cotton candy with the other. As they turned a corner to explore the games, Jaejoong spotted a young boy sitting behind a brightly colored gun spraying a stream of water at a clown’s face.

“Yunnie! Let’s play that!” Jaejoong exclaimed excitedly as he ran over to the booth, pulling Yunho with him.

Walking closer, Yunho could hear the sound of the water shooting out, not helping at all as he tried holding in his fluids. The jumbo sized lemonade they drank earlier didn’t help either. Before they could even sit down, Yunho couldn’t hold it any longer.

"Jae baby i have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back ok?" Yunho explained. Jaejoong reached his hands out, asking for a hug. Yunho leaned in and kissed Jaejoong on the cheek, while Jaejoong's hands roamed down Yunho's back to his butt and gave it a little squeeze. Yunho jerked in surprise and pulled back to look at Jaejoong's face with a smirk.

"Come back soon, I'll be waiting." Jaejoong winked. Little Yunho started to pay attention to what was going on.

"I'll make sure to hurry." Yunho winked back before leaving.

Jaejoong looked at Yunho as he turned the corner. Once Jaejoong made sure he was gone, he took out the phone he stole from Yunho's back pocket.

Yunho kept checking his phone periodically when they were in line to go on the rides earlier. He knew Yunho was texting someone but didn't know who.

'Is he seeing someone else? Is he cheating on me? Is he planning on dumping me?!' All these thoughts were rushing through his head. He had to find out what was going on. He knew he only had a few minutes before Yunho would come back from the bathroom. Guys pee fast, and after what he did to Yunho, to make getting Yunho's phone easier without him noticing, he knew he had to hurry.

He completely forgot that Yunho had a password.

“Dang it! Hmm what is his password." Jaejoong paused, thinking, before typing in ‘ boojae’. Soon getting an ‘ incorrect. 2 tries left’ message in response. Jaejoong pouted before trying again. He typed ‘Jaejoongie’ but got the same response.

“What the heck is his password?!” Jaejoong started to get irritated. ‘What else would Yunho use?’ Jaejoong thought as he looked around in deep thought. His eyes soon landing on his couple ring that Yunho bought him a few months back. His eyes focused on the word ‘Yunjae’ before he smiled in realization. As soon as he typed the word in, the screen went straight to the phone’s homepage.

"Figures." Jaejoong rolled his eyes and chuckled.

He checked the last text messages Yunho had received today and the days before and saw that they were all from Yoochun. He clicked on their conversation out of curiosity and started reading. At first, they didn't make much sense, but as he read on, he started to understand what was happening.

Yoochun: How will we get in?

Yunho: I'll hide the key under the door mat. Make sure to come when we are out of the house.

Yoochun: Are you sure he will be fine with this?

Yunho: He needs a little surprize once in a while;)

Yoochun: A little? ;P yeah right, if i ever did this to junsu he'd probably kill me right after.

Yunho: Lol well that's Junsu.

Yoochun: Watevr! But remember You have to stall him until midnight so its officially april fools day. And you also need to account for the time it would take Jessica to get here. Girls take so long to get ready. Smh

Yunho: Don't worry, i have it all planned out, i have events planned for us that will last us the entire day;)


Part 2

A/N- LJ keeps saying its too long so i have to split this into multiple parts


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