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April Fools - Part 3

Title: April Fools
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu
Ratings: PG -13
Warnings: Language
Genre: Comedy
Summary: When the prank backfires...

Part 3

Yunho woke up with a groan, feeling a little lethargic. Indisposed and feeling too sluggish to get up, something in the back of his mind kept telling him that he had some unfinished business to take care of. He yawned, stretching his arms to get rid of the tension in his tingling limbs, soon pulling them back to rub his tired eyes. As soon as he opened them, however, he was greeted by one of his most feared beings. A clown. It’s face was just inches away from his own, giving Yunho a defined look into the eyes and face of a childhood nightmare. He could see a few beads of sweat rolling down the white covered pasty skin, taking some face paint along with it. The black drawn in eyebrows emphasized the clown’s relation to creepy inanimate dolls. Red paint covered well over the clowns mouth, drawing over to it’s cheeks in a giant smile. It had an adverse effect on Yunho as it only reminded him of a mouth sliced open past it’s normal limit -- to create a wider smile-- covered in blood, just like the victims in slashy horror films. It’s giant red nose stood out most of all. Popping out as it took on most of the clown’s face. Yunho felt a small brush on the tip of his nose when the clown got too close and his eyes widened in panic. A terrifying scream tore through the air. It took Yunho a few seconds before he realized that it was his own. He punched the clown in the face before falling off the couch, stumbling as he ran out of the room while the clown was still down.

Jaejoong and Jihyun immediately rushed into the living room to help the clown up once Yunho was out of sight.

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t know he would do that! Are you ok?” Jaejoong panicked as he and Jihyun helped the clown stand up. Jaejoong examined the bump that quickly formed on the clown’s cheekbone.

“I’ll go get some ice to stop the swelling,” Jihyun said as she ran to the kitchen.

“I’m so sorry Hyunjoong, I didn’t know that Yunho would react like that. I thought he would just scream and faint again,” Jaejoong apologized.

“That’s ok.” Hyunjoong forced smile, quickly wincing after. “I think you should go find your boyfriend and console him though. I think he’s still panicking.”

“Are you sure? You don’t need anything?” Jaejoong asked.

“It’s not that bad.” Hyunjoong chuckled. “His reaction was funny, even if it did cost me a little pain.”

“Yeah, that scream of his was funny wasn’t it,” Jaejoong laughed. “You sure you don’t need anything?” he asked once more.

“I’ll take care of him, you go find your boyfriend,” Jihyun said with a wink as she walked into the room holding a bag of ice. Jaejoong nodded in reply, giving Hyunjoong one last glance before walking out of the room to find Yunho.

After looking through most of the rooms of the house, he eventually found his lover in the upstairs bathroom, sitting inside the tub. He was hugging his knees to his chest as he rocked back and forth.

“Yunho? Honey? Are you ok?” Jaejoong asked in a comforting tone, as a parent would to a frightened child. He made his way over to his huddled boyfriend and crouched down beside him, a comforting hand on his back.

Yunho slowly looked up at him before stuttering. “The clown…” He gulped. “Is it gone?”

Jaejoong shook his head at how his strong-- and usually manly-- lover could become this way over a clown.

“He’s down stairs recovering from the bruise you just gave him. You shouldn’t have punched him Yunho. It was just a joke,” Jaejoong explained.

“What?... why?” Jaejoong felt a little guilty as he saw Yunho’s face. He could tell that Yunho felt betrayed, the way his eyebrows were pulled together in confusion. How his mouth was partly open in a frown. And the gleam of Yunho’s teary eyes as the bathroom light shined on him. However, Jaejoong couldn’t stifle a laugh at the sight of his lover acting like a little kid.

Jaejoong shook his head with a giggle. “Don’t worry my little Yunniebear,” Jaejoong cooed as he kissed his lover on the lips, feeling Yunho quiver in the kiss. He pulled back, looking at his lover’s cute face before helping him up.

“Come on, you have to face your fears,” Jaejoong said as he tried to lead his lover to the hallway, but as Yunho heard what he said, he immediately pulled back with wide eyes.

“No! I’m not going down there!” He yelled.

“Then we’ll go home.” Jaejoong quickly ‘made up’ his mind as he turned and started to walk away. Yunho panicked and ran after him, grabbing his hand and successfully stopping him. Jaejoong turned around and looked at his boyfriend, waiting for a response. Yunho looked down nervously. Jaejoong was growing impatient and spoke up.

“If you don’t want to face your fears, then let’s go home. There’s no other reason to stay here. You fainted when seeing Jihyun’s birth video, which was very rude by the way, and even punched her husband in the face! We need to go home now if you aren’t man enough to apologize to them.” Jaejoong pulled back his hand and started walking forward again, causing Yunho to run in front of him with his arms out, blocking Jaejoong from going any further.

“No!..I-I’ll ap-apologize,” Yunho stuttered. Jaejoong’s face immediately lit up with a smile.

“Great! Let’s go!” Jaejoong pulled Yunho’s arm to follow him to the living room. Yunho gulped as soon as he saw the clown that was sitting on the living room couch, holding an ice pack to his face. All the color was drained from Yunho’s face. He instantly jerked back, pulling Jaejoong along with him.

“I change my mind. I-I don’t think I can do this.”

“Then do you want to go home instead?” Jaejoong raised an eyebrow. When he got no response from the other, he looked at his watch.

“It is kinda late, and I’m kinda tired.” Jaejoong faked a yawn, of course he wasn’t tired, he was too excited to pull the biggest part of the prank on Yunho.

“Fine!... I’ll do it.”

“Good boy.” Jaejoong praised as he ruffled Yunho’s hair. They both made their way over to the couch, where Hyunjoong waited. Jaejoong pushed Yunho closer, putting a lot of effort into it since Yunho stopped moving his feet after making it halfway across the room. Yunho stood frozen in place as Hyunjoong stood up. His eyes wider than ever before as he pulled his head back a little, as if it would make him farther away from the clown in front of him.

“Hi.” Hyunjoong greeted as he put his hand in front of him in a fast motion. Jaejoong and Jihyun watched in amusement as the scene unfolded in slow motion. The second Hyunjoong pulled his hand out, Yunho screamed in fear. His eyes got wider, if that was even possible, before rolling to the back of his head. He let out a faint gasp before fainting… again.

Jaejoong smiled to himself in satisfaction as he expertly steered the car along the empty road, his doe eyes occasionally glanced at the limp body in the back seat, and everytime he did, he found himself breaking into small fits of laughter. Yunho had no idea of what was in store for him. He felt a thrill of excitement surge through him, electrifying his very core. They should do more surprising stuff like this more often. Yes, at first he was against it, but after realizing how much fun it actually was he couldn’t wait for next year, as long as Yunho doesn’t get a head start before the official day. Jaejoong looked back at his lover in excitement as he thought about the mischievous plan he had ahead.

Yunho, while asleep, was a sight to behold indeed. With his mouth half-opened, and eyes-half closed, it reminded Jaejoong of a sleeping bear. But sleeping Yunho aside, Jaejoong had a more important thing he needed to focus on. His plan. He smirked diabolically, reimagining the things he’d do to his dear old Yunho.

A small groan momentarily took Jaejoong’s attention away from the road and onto the person laying down behind him. Luckily the road was pretty much empty due to the time right now so he have to worry too much about other cars. A few more groans followed suit and in no time, Jaejoong could see the silhouette of Yunho sitting up in his seat, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“You’re awake?” Jaejoong asked innocently, clear doe eyes feigning naivety through the mirror.

“Uh, yeah, I- what happened?” Yunho asked groggily, his bleary eyes scanning his surroundings curiously.

“You passed out Yunnie,” Jaejoong put on an abnormally long pout.

For a moment, Yunho actually looked sober when he looked back at Jaejoong with wide eyes. Jaejoong just had to giggle upon seeing the cute reflection of the love of his life.

“Oh yeah, I remember.  It was the... clown,” Yunho spat as an involuntary shiver ran down his spine.  Bloody clowns, with their beady, dark, murderous eyes. He never liked them before and he definitely didn’t like them now. Especially after realizing how much damage he had done to his ego in just today alone, the clown part didn’t help. Damn, how many times had he embarrassed himself in front of Jaejoong today?

Alas, pride needed to be the last thing on Jung Yunho's mind! His brain quickly moved back to his big project for his boyfriend today.

“What time is it now?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

Jaejoong looked at the clock on the dashboard and turned back to his lover, blinking innocently. “It’s 10 minutes to midnight. Why?”

It was as if all the tiredness in Yunho’s body had left. Yunho quickly shook his head. “N-Nothing. I just wanted to know how long I passed out,” he claimed, but he was already doing a little happy dance in his mind. He still had time for his prank! Thank goodness he hadn't overslept. However, the happy thought soon turned sour and a brand new thought immediately sent a virtual alarm to his system. Midnight is coming close and with Jaejoong’s current speed, he was worried they wouldn’t make it for his April Fool’s prank in time.

“Jae baby, umm, can you let me drive?” he asked carefully because Lord Voldemin forbid, his boyfriend might take his request the hard way and think he didn’t trust him when it came to driving.

The drum was rolling in his stomach when Jae fell silent for a few moments before he smiled oh-so-gorgeously and replied, “Sure.”

And just like that an exhilarating thrill ran through Yunho’s body at the thought of finally being able to complete his ultimate prank.


The couple arrived at home with Yunho hugging Jaejoong from behind, his hands on his lover’s waist as he snuggled his face into Jaejoong's neck. They walked into the dining room only to have Jaejoong gasp in shock at the scene in front of him.

“Yunho! Did you do all this?! It’s beautiful!” Jaejoong jumped with his hands clasped together in excitement, kissing his lover on the cheek.

“Only for you my Boojae.” Yunho cupped Jaejoong’s face in his hands before passionately kissing him on the lips. Jaejoong hesitantly pulled away for a breathe with a slight push on Yunho’s broad chest. Their lips a hair strand apart as Jaejoong fought the urge to suck on the cupid lips in front of him once more. Jaejoong looked up into his lover’s eyes with lust, and he wasn’t surprised to see the same reflection back.

“I-I have to make dinner.” Jaejoong pointed a thumb to the kitchen behind him, still close enough to Yunho’s face to feel his hot breath. He quickly turned around and headed to the kitchen to make dinner. He didn’t see Yunho walk back to the front door and grab a remote control from the stand beside it, slipping it into his pant pocket. As he was cutting the vegetables he jerked with a gasp as he felt Yunho’s arms snake around his waist, soon relaxing in his lover’s warm embrace. Yunho snuggled his face into the crook of Jaejoong’s neck, kissing it repeatedly before resting his chin on Jaejoong’s shoulder. He took a deep breath through his nose as he smelled Jaejoong’s signature vanilla-strawberry scent. Jaejoong leaned his head back onto Yunho’s shoulder, looking up at him. Yunho looked back down and their eyes met in a loving gaze. It was only for a few seconds, but it was fulfilling enough.

Finally finished making dinner, the couple brought it to the table and ate happily, occasionally feeding each other when they got the chance while sharing a couple smiles and laughs here and there.  

However, after about an hour of still eating Jaejoong grew impatient, with only the sound of Yunho’s slurping ringing throughout the dining room. Jaejoong tapped his hand impatiently on the table as he watched Yunho still content on eating. When on earth would he start that prank? Jaejoong couldn’t bear to wait any longer.

Once Yunho's plate was empty, Jaejoong immediately reached for it before Yunho could add anymore food to it and grabbed his own plate. Before he could make his way to the sink, Yunho stood in front of him.

"I'll take care of the dishes." He said as he leaned over and planted a kiss on Jaejoong's cheek. He collected all the dirty plates from Jaejoong's hands and made his way to the sink, intending to clean them up.

Jaejoong shot him a wary look before he begrudgingly followed Yunho's steps. He forced a charming smile and wrapped his arms around Yunho’s built up body. He brought his lips to Yunho's ear causing the other to shiver when he felt the hot breath against his ear as he spoke the next few words.

“Yunnie baby.. Let's do those dirty dishes later. Right now there's something dirty that I want to do with you,” he whispered sultrily, intending to push Yunho to do his prank. He already knew what Yunho was planning and where's he's intending to execute it, so might as well just give him the push.

Yunho, smirked to himself before he slipped his hand inside his pocket.The first thing that came into contact with his finger was a rectangular-shaped remote control causing him to smirk even wider.

He pressed the button, and right after that moment, the sound of a bed creaking upstairs broke the silence. It was soon followed by the sound of something crashing onto the floor.

Jaejoong looked up, feigning curiosity.

“What was that?” he asked.

Yunho turned to him nonchalantly, “What was what?”

Jaejoong resisted the urge to smile before he forced himself to frown.

“What do you mean what was what?  That sound, Yunnie!!  What was that sound?!!” he questioned grumpily.

“Well, I don’t know Joongie. You’re probably imagining stuff.  Now wait here before we have our sexy time,” Yunho winked seductively.

Jaejoong retracted his arm from Yunho and proceeded to the stairs in record time. Yunho simply leaned on the sink thinking, 'I'm a genius!' before he followed his boyfriend’s steps.

“I told you, Joongie, there’s nothing there,” he said when they reached the second floor and the noise seemed to halt.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes at him before he turned the door knob of their bedroom.

Jaejoong gasped at the sight before him.


Part 4


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