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I will update about 6 more chapters before I friend - lock this, I will try to update twice a day before school starts on tuesday. Again, I am friend - locking this journal because people are barely commenting, I might keep the most recent entries public for others who are not my friends yet, so they can read part of my fics. 

I will update this journal tonite to make it easier for you guys to read all the chapters without having to go searching for it with looking all through my journal, and so you don't have to keep going to the master-post to get to the next chapter. It should be updated by the end of the day, and you guys can try it out I guess:) 

I won't change the master-post about this journal not being friend -locked because this is my first time friend - locking this journal and is only a test run. I WILL make ALL of my posts back to being able to be read by the public some time after the friend - lock, but I do not know when I will do that yet.

So this is just a heads up! :)

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[FIC] Crackers!

Title: Crackers!
Author: spirit_queen24
Pairings: Yunjae
Rating: G
Warning: Smut ending?
Genre: Slight angst, Fluff
Length: One- Shot
Summary: Jaejoong went to the store to buy crackers......

My first one-shot!!!:DCollapse )


A/N - AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOO MAD! I just wrote my author's note five minutes ago and when I tried to post it, my internet died and deleted it!!!!!!! now I can't remember what I was talking about.......So i will try to write it AGAIN! ahhhh!!!!! stupid internet!

So this was something I wrote in my class two years ago. I think the teacher told us to write a story where the characters didn't talk to each other, but they would be able to understand what the other was implying, that's why yunjae didn't talk in the beginning, once they start talking to each other, is the parts that I just added today. Also there was no yunjae moments in the beginning cuz we were supposed to read this infront of the class but I couldnt read yunjae moments in front of the class so I didn't add that part.But this was what I originally wanted to happen two years ago while writing this. In the end that day, I didn't get to read in front of the class cuz we didn't have enough time.....:(

But I just found this fic today cuz I couldnt find the book I wrote this in. I had to beg my teacher to give me my journal two years ago like no joke, I seriously begged her. Cuz she told the whole class that she would give our journals back by the end of the year, BUT GUESS WHAT?!........SHE LIED!!!!! lol so on the last day of school, I had to keep asking her to give it back, so she finally did. I probably was the only who got it back, if I didn't get my journal from her, THIS FIC WOULDN'T EVEN BE ON HERE! She probably  was just going to throw them away anyways........EVIL TEACHER! but in that journal I still have another fic that I'm going to post later!:D Yay!

So up there is the terrible thing I remembered of my old author's note........so........now I have to find my other journal book thing.....before I friend-lock this journal.....

Comment's are <3!XD

Originally posted on lj on march 15,2014 to keep the original chapters before they were beta-ed, but idk when those original chapters were posted(probably has the date here on lj because i will not change those dates only these old original tags because i don't want to see them in the front it will be disorganized so i will post it to an earlier date maybe 2012)

Chapter 6 - It's NOW OR NEVER!Collapse )

Chapter 7 - I should just die!Collapse )

[FIC] Prank Wars! - Chapter 11

Title: Prank Wars
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu, Yuchun or 2U ( I've always wanted to do that!!!!:D haha!)
Ratings: PG-13 for now
Warnings: None( maybe)
Genre: Angst, High School, Romance, Comedy
Length: 11/?
Summary: Jaejoong has a crush on Yunho, and of course, Yunho doesn't know about it! And Jaejoong's biggest thing that he hates is PRANKS. But Yunho loves them! So what happens when Yunho asks Jaejoong and Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin to have a prank war with him? Of course Jaejoong would do it!!!!!! BECAUSE HE WAS IN LOVE WITH YUNHO!!!! But what happens when Yunho discovers the other's secret and uses it against them? What happens when a prank goes wrong?! Did that even go through their minds when they were pranking?

Chapter 11 - Hi! My name's HeechulCollapse )

A/N - SCHOOL IS STUPID AND I REFUSE TO DO MY HOMEWORK!......... i hope i dont get in trouble lol but im too lazy and hate my teacher and i forgot to read the book that we r having a test on tomorrow....... wish me luck i rlly need it

[FIC] I Fucked A Vampire - Chapter 2

Title: I Fucked A Vampire
Author: spirit_queen24
 Yunjae, Yoosu, Kyumin, many many more 
Ratings: PG-13/ NC-17
Warnings: SMUT!
Genre: Angst, SMUT, Supernatural, High School, Romance
Summary: Kim JaeJoon
g, a full-blooded Vampire, who attacks people and drinks their blood for fun and pleasure. His devilish looks bribe people, luring them into his little trap. He is the son of the most powerful vampire in the Rising Sun World. So when he enters Mirotic High, he starts to grab his victims.

Jung Yunho, a vampire slayer, is the mysterious kid in school . In his life, love is nothing. Love is just a stupid game that people run after for no reason. He doesn't seem to care about life, knowing that one day it will end. His job is to kill vampires who don't belong in the human world.He hated vampires. He hated how they kill humans, and drink thier blood just for their own leisure.

BTDS, the Before The Dawn Slayers,is the biggest Vampire Slaying Group on Earth, takes down all Vampires, stopping them from taking over the world. The Leader of the group, is Yunho's father. The group has a competition that decides who would be the next leader of the group once the previous leader dies. The slayer who kills the most vampires until the leader dies, wins courage and leadership.

Chapter 2Collapse )


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